Types of Integration in Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a multi-purpose tool with multiple ways to integrate the huge cache of data that companies have. As we know, there is no one solution that is the right fit for all companies; during the design phase, the relevant requirements of all companies that will be using Salesforce must be taken into due consideration. In this blog, we get an overview of the different types of Salesforce integration available to a Salesforce Integration Company and you the client.

Different types of Salesforce integration:

Batch Integration — This is a popular and easiest method. This form of an update can be fixed to take place immediately or put-off for weeks. It is also a great way to process flat files. A good Salesforce Integration Partner will guide you.

Near Real-time Integration — Like batch integration, this too can occur in seconds or delayed for some minutes or in between. For quick data integration, this method is popular. It’s popular because it’s easy as well as more reliable than real-time integration. It works well with many apps. Get in touch with Salesforce Integration Consultants such as Codleo.

Real-time Integration — This integration is ideal for some industries which require real-time integration such as banking. It is a complex method. Thus, it is not advised for all. For Salesforce Integration Services use an experienced company such as Codleo.

Real-time Mashups — This requires creating a user interface in Visualforce for making customized UIs. Like legacy HTML-based web app, custom branding, callouts to recall data from external systems and complex flows are all possible. It is commonly used when instant access to data outside of Salesforce is needed, such as obtaining various documents from varied external systems. Salesforce Integration Vendors analyze and give good advice

Other Mashups — Besides Visualforce and Canvas, Salesforce lets developers embed current third-party web pages designed based on other technologies (as well as hosted separately) within the user interface. A popular use for this technique is to cast wide the reporting capabilities of Salesforce by joining hands with preferred business-intelligence apps. Deciding on the integration type is based on an intensive analysis of the requirements of each business. Salesforce Integration Firms like Codleo bring many benefits to companies.

Force.com Canvas — It allows users such as developers to use a JavaScript SDK developed by Salesforce to embed an existing web app directly into a Salesforce page. A Salesforce Integration Company helps you choose the best method.

AppExchange — Among the various benefits of Salesforce Universe is the availability of different apps that can be easily & quickly installed in the Salesforce environment. Many apps in this marketplace have been made with the purpose of integrating with this popular system. Codleo is an expert as a Salesforce Integration Company.

As Mr. RS Maan, Codleo Director says “Cookie-cutter solutions are a strict no-no. Our solutions are customized and curated keeping in mind the relevant needs of each enterprise we work with. This applies to the type of integration used as well”.




Codleo Consulting is one of the leading salesforce companies that provides a wide range of salesforce services such as salesforce consultancy.

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Codleo Consulting is one of the leading salesforce companies that provides a wide range of salesforce services such as salesforce consultancy.

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